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John Mabry

John D Mabry

Redondo Beach, CA


Short Bio: I was born in Paris, France after the war and brought to America as a 3 month-old baby. Transported with my Mother to America by my Father, a G.I. who married my Mother in Paris after serving in the European theatre during WWII. I'm told that we sailed aboard a converted liberty ship, a couple of dozen Mothers and their babies in the deep of Winter. Freighters, supply-ships, even Navy ships were loaded with brides and their infants, but without the benefit of their G.I. husbands, and for weeks, sailed across the Atlantic with armed Navy escorts and against heavy seas. Evidently, at that time, German submarines were still sinking ships by torpedo-fire, long after the war had ended...Anyway, from there, we were lucky enough to continue to Long Beach, California, by train after landing in New York!

I'm self-taught as a watercolorist and feel deeply gratified for having successfully marketed myself in the arts and am blessed to be able to presently enjoy painting in my studio at home. I am grateful for these gracious gifts, and by His grace, helping me to bring beauty into my personal created images....everything from drawings and portraits to plein-aire landscapes. Posted here on FAA, are a couple-dozen of my photo images and paintings which are not only a subjective translation of what I see, but an outward emotional expression of how I choose to portray the world. Many of my outdoor subjects are painted, on-site, using the highest grade watercolors along with the finest European-fabricated papers--ALL built for ultimate color-fastness and extreme longevity.

If you have any questions regarding FAA's print-on-demand services, remember, all prints by FAA are GUARANTEED SATISFACTION or you'll be fully refunded if dissatisfied. Thanks very much for visiting my gallery of paintings here on FAA. I'm continually adding new ones, so please check back every couple of weeks to see my latest work and feel free to comment. Stay healthy and keep painting everyone!



Storm Surf Moment by John Mabry


Surf Camp by John Mabry


Magic Trail by John Mabry


Quiet Pacific Dockside by John Mabry


Summer Home by John Mabry


On Blue Bayou by John Mabry


My Dream Vacation by John Mabry


Reaching for Home by John Mabry


Verdon Gorge by John Mabry


Catherine's House by John Mabry


Sharing the Bounty by John Mabry


America's New Breed by John Mabry


Catamarans to Catalina Race by John Mabry


Marin Lovers Coastline by John Mabry


Coronado Afternoon by John Mabry


Humpback Whale by John Mabry


Fire on the Water by John Mabry


Medieval Forces by John Mabry


Albatross King by John Mabry


Afternoon Delight by John Mabry


Night Dive by John Mabry


Kern River Light by John Mabry


La Belle Epoch by John Mabry


Summer Heat by John Mabry


Camping in the Moonlight by John Mabry


Antiquities by John Mabry


Topanga South Yacht Club Malibu by John Mabry


Garden Study by John Mabry


Surfing California by John Mabry


Minstrels Retreat by John Mabry


French Rain by John Mabry


La Jolla Shores by John Mabry


Paper Rock Scissors by John Mabry


Autumn Encounter by John Mabry


Old Los Angeles by John Mabry


Westie Tshirt by John Mabry